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Our products are for penis enlargement and healt , our pumps are powered by batteries, and are silent and durable. They are handcrafted with the best quality components. These devices are designed specifically for penis enlargement and to be practical and robust in daily use. They are also discreet and unique . These devices were designed to enlarge penises and they achieve their goal.

Our pumps 
We believe in dynamic pumping to enlarge the penis. This means continuously varying vacuum levels from low to high in continuous sinusoidal cycles. This generates an expansion of the penis far superior to that generated by conventional pumping, reaching levels of penis enlargement that can not be achieved with traditional static pumping. Both our dynamics pumps water and air achieve this. User manuals ,  water  air  . 
The last product in the store is a battery-powered pump for static pumping, the dimensions are only 5 cm in diameter and about 16 cm in height. It has a battery life of several weeks, softly reaches -15 inHg, easy to position in the scale of preferred values, is provided with a release valve and a manometer, is silent  , small in size, it is economical , more powerful, reliable, and comfortable than any other electric pump on the market.

We are always eager to receive criticisms about our products , in order to improve them so we can offer the best that comes out of a harmonious relationship with our consumers. This is our passion.

Helps ED and EQ 
Pumping, and especially in our opinion dynamic sinusoidal pumping helps erectile dysfunction (ED) and improves the erection quality (EQ) . This is endorsed by many medical experts and is supported by the testimonies of our customers with ED and which constitutes a strong point for our devices. A targeted use of our products helps to improve erection in a short time. Contact us , we will be happy to provide additional info on the matter.

We stand behind our products and guarantee they work as claimed. However while these devices can make most penises grow and can assist in helping those suffering from erectile dysfunction we do not claim that all will benefit as every penis is unique and the causes of erectile dysfunction are many.

All our pumps are covered by a one year warranty (see specifications in “Terms and Conditions”).

Our cylinders

We have tried to create a line of cylinders that can meet all needs, not only in terms of size , but also in form and practicality .

Basic Cylinder , with a cylindrical geometric shape .
Ergonomic cylinderIts ergonomic shape allows for better seal at the base but above all , adapts better to the shape of our body thus preventing discomfort or pain caused by the small cylinder pressure on the pubis .
Ergonomic Curve CylinderIt is recommended for those who have an upward curved penis . Unlike a conventional straight cylinder, it prevents or reduces the contact between the penis and the cylinder for those with a curved penis. The three models described above are suitable for any type of pump, and can be used both with air and with water.

All in One Cylinders in three versions: Base, Ergonomic and Ergonomic Curve, are made for static air pumping , they are comfortable easy to use and low cost . They come equipped with a built-in pressure gauge on the cylinder and release valve. These cylinders work without the use of any type of vacuum pump, you just suck from the tube supplied to achieve the desired value. Once the desired vacuum is reached. the tube can be disconnected from the cylinder or left, and the value of vacuum will be stable. The intensity from puffing a cigarette or drinking through a straw is enough to -reach 5”Hg.